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 Retrofit made easy 

What is retrofit?

Most British homes are too hot in the summer and  cripplingly expensive to heat in the winter. The solution is retrofit:

Improve energy efficiency
Improve energy sources
Temperature controls
Glass and glazing
Boiler upgrades
Heat pumps
Draught proofing
LEDs & lighting controls

We  understand the barriers  to retrofit your portfolio...

I know I need to retrofit my portfolio, but I don't know where to start

I can't seem to find the right tradespeople

What's going to be the impact on my valuation and returns?

It might be too expensive. I don't know if I can afford it

We make retrofit easy

Our simple retrofit process

Portfolio assessment

Retrofit survey and design

Secure the funding

Find your installer

Coordination and sign off






Just give us your addresses  and we scope your entire portfolio, in minutes using our retrofit software

We secure the funding for part or all of your retrofit works through government schemes like ECO, SHDF, HUG, the boiler upgrade scheme and others.  We can also connect you to our network of lenders, or work together to design a privately funded scheme

On-site  survey  by one of our our accredited Retrofit Assessors. 

Our team designs your full costed programme of retrofit works

We take away the pain of tendering by handing over the works to our network of trusted tradespeople - certified by TrustMark, MCS, or the Federation of Master Builders...

..and our retrofit coordinators will monitor the work from start to finish

We provide a building passport and can support on reporting as needed'

...powered by our retrofit assessment software

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Cutting-edge AI and ML

Covers all property types

96% accurate

Input to output in minutes

Our proprietary retrofit assessment software predicts your costed works programme, maximising energy efficiency per £ with 98% accuracy. We estimate energy savings, value creation case, and cost

What makes Hestia different?

We are a (true) one-stop shop, offering assessment, coordination and design, all in one place.  And unlike most we offer software and services in one place

Our industry-leading tech, using  clever modelling, cutting edge ML and AI. Our stock assessment model is 96% accurate, using 2.3bn+ data points to estimate scope, cost and value creation completely outside-in.

We secure your funding*, helping you to navigate grants, and give you access to our panel of lenders. 

We offer bulk contracting, via our network of contractors and installers

... and we are completely independent of the installer, and agnostic on the solution - we aren't trying to sell you a bit of kit!

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